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| 1 minute read

What's Ahead for Brands in 2022?

The Association of National Advertisers put together a compendium of opinions by experts on what marketers can expect in 2022.  As the CEO of one Fortune 100 company put it, "I believe all companies must continue to find new ways to lead with purpose, and positively impact the planet, people, and communities they serve."  

Look for the rise of AI (see The FTC Inquiry on AI in Marketing), more focus on sustainability, monetization through NFTs (see What's an NFT? Legal Considerations for Brands), and the increasing risks with influencers (see Socially Distancing Your Brand from Rogue Influencers).  Marketers can expect more migration of consumers to social media platforms like Instagram and UGC short form videos.  Capturing the interests of those consumers will be a great challenge as pressures continue to build on suppliers to deliver effective programs to marketers, particularly in a world (hopefully) emerging from a pandemic entering its third year.

All this brings a host of legal issues to explore as we see technology take front and center and leads us into exploring new ideas like the metaverse (see Reed Smith's Guide to the Metaverse).  

A lot to think about.  

In today's evolving business landscape, trends come and go quicker than most people can even keep up with. However, marketers not only need to understand and utilize trends, but literally be at the cutting edge of innovation and lead conversations. 


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