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Is TV the next frontier in media?

SkyMedia, the sales arm for UK broadcaster Sky, announced its latest iteration of addressable advertising that allows advertisers to use third party and first party data to customize commercials consumers receive.  Targeting can be down to zip codes.   As reaching desired consumers becomes more difficult with the coming demise of cookies and increased privacy regulations, this development is a breath of fresh air.  Why?  Because it invigorates traditional broadcast channels and offers an alternative to programmatic media buying where waste makes up the majority of spend.  Unlike programmatic, traditional broadcast is not mired in a plethora of suppliers between the advertiser and consumer who skim profits and ROI each step of the way in an opaque and unaccountable supply chain.  And even better, real consumers, not bots, watch TV.  As an observer and lawyer in the advertising industry for over 45 years, it's nice to see opportunities for brands to return to the "old school" where its investments can be tracked and measured with far greater transparency than available in so-called "new media".  

This means that the brand that sponsors the program or channel can tailor the creative to the location of the household, such as country, county, city, local government area, or even zip code. For example, car brand sponsorship allows you to adjust your creativity with different car models, geographic visuals, and voiceovers, depending on the richness and life stage of your household.


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