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Influencer Marketing Attracting UK Regulatory Oversight -- Is the U.S. Next?

While influencer marketing has been around for decades, its prevalence in the brand marketing mix has reached unprecedented heights.  Advertisers increasingly believe that word of mouth and consumer endorsements drive sales and increase profits at a fraction of the cost of traditional media.   With the success of influencer marketing, however, has come risk, particularly from government oversight.  The UK is leading the regulatory intervention and we can expect other marketplace overseers to follow suit, including the U.S. where regulators have been relatively lax.  An article by my colleagues, Nick Breen and Heather Stewart in [Talking Influence] provides an excellent overview of the activities in the UK and what we can expect in other jurisdictions.  

Trust is a key component to the success of influencer marketing – trust between the brand and influencer and trust between the influencer and their audience. But with influencer marketing now reigning over the online marketing space, its growing influence has attracted increased regulatory scrutiny. As a result, numerous high-profile influencers have been exposed as falling below the standards required...


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