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A billion here, a billion there...

On June 13, the Association of National Advertisers released findings from its Programmatic Media Supply Chain Transparency Study — First Look.  Along with my partners Keri Bruce and Nick Swimer, I was honored to be part of the ANA team.

The study took a deep dive into the programmatic supply chain with the aim of following the money from advertiser to consumer and determining where waste could be avoided. The reality of inefficiencies in programmatic isn't new. There have been numerous studies since 2016 that reveal the poor ROI and the lack of transparency in programmatic advertising. Experts say less than 50% of the investment reaches a real consumer. The ANA study confirms the inefficiencies and offers some solutions. 

In the ANA’s estimation, advertisers unknowingly spend an astounding $13 billion annually on made-for-advertising (MFA) websites alone, which translates into 21% of all impressions and 15% of ad spend.


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