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When Will Brands Demand Transparency?

If you're curious about the daunting challenge brands face in justifying and auditing the billions they spend annually on programmatic media, read Adalytics' latest blog.  Adalytics is a consultant in the business advising brands on their media spend and while it has a business purpose behind its blog, their analysis is an excellent explanation of the complexities of programmatic.  It also shows that the lack of transparency and accountability by the supply chain is as much the fault of the brands as anyone.  Brands put too much trust in unsubstantiated summaries and promises of performance from programmatic suppliers rather than demand access to the actual data -- the log files -- necessary to properly audit.  Given all the problems discussed in the blog, it's no wonder that the supply chain chooses to be so opaque.   The Adalytics blog is the latest wakeup call.  Time will tell if anyone heeds the alarm.  

Many ad tech companies, advertisers, and publishers receive access to granular log files that enable them to analyze each ad auction or impression they won. These log files can contain ad impression timestamps, page URLs, monetary transactions, and other pertinent details that enable more insight into ad serving behavior than is possible with an aggregated spreadsheet or dashboard–summary information that is often provided by ad tech vendors.


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