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The Opacity of Transparency

Those who know me are painfully aware of my views on transparency in the media buying industry. Despite what the supply chain says about being transparent, they're not. It's something too few want to talk about let alone do something about. That's why I was pleased to see the views of Nick Manning on the Association of National Advertiser's Programmatic Media Supply Chain Transparency Study,  As General Counsel to the ANA, I was privileged to be involved in the study team with my partners, Keri Bruce and Nick Swimer.  Nick Manning's review is right on target and summarizes the many key parts of the study.  Worth reading his commentary and the study itself.  

Maybe a media agency group (as opposed to an independent) should break the mould and say, Hey, we are genuinely transparent and here’s how we make our money. What you see is what you get and here’s how you should compare us with our peers.


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